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Meet us Downtown

We all have that one place close to the heart. Maybe in a bustling city, serene town, or a hidden gem in nature you stumble upon. Step out in style in our cork leather walk set, perfect for the earth-loving pup strutting their stuff in the urban jungle, or down a leafy trail for a friendly sniff. Always be ready for whatever adventure comes your way!

Ohana is wearing "Lycka" cork leather collar size XS, "Lycka" cork leather x organic hemp lead, and clay name tag in "Marble" size L.

Spring Daydream

Picture sunny days filled with picnics in the meadows, and exploring the beauty of nature. Our organic cotton collars, bow ties, and matching linen bandanas will elevate your furry friend’s ensemble for a dreamy day surrounded by butterflies and sweet cherry blossoms.

Captured by the incredibly talented Beau & Co Creative, @_beauandco_
Beau is wearing "Husk" organic cotton collar size M, and "Husk" organic cotton bow tie size L.