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Our Materials

At OHMINME, we only use materials that are as gentle on the earth as they are on our pets. Learn more about the natural materials we use, and how they can positively impact the planet and our wellbeing.

Organic Cotton

We’re proud to say our pet accessories are made with GOTS certified cotton, but what exactly does that mean? Well, it’s got nothing to do with Game of Thrones. Dive in below to find out why organic cotton is the way to go.

Cork Leather

Our Portuguese cork leather fabric is the pinnacle of luxury! Unlike many cork fabrics that are stuck to polyester, or if you're lucky, a poly/cotton blend, ours feature a GOTS organic cotton backing. This is paws down the most earth friendly option available.

Organic Hemp

Hemp, the ancient fibre that’s been around since forever, has a beautiful linen-like feel. Our hemp fabric is certified GOTS organic, and has been softened the natural way with fruit enzymes.

Organic Linen

Linen is the unsung hero of sustainable fabrics, with a history stretching back to the dawn of time. The flax plant can go from baby sprouts to reaching full maturity in a mere 100 days. Now, that's impressive!

Organic Merino Wool

Our Merino wool is certified organic by GOTS, and hails all the way from Gudbransdalen, Norway. Norwegian Merino wool is known to be stronger and more durable than any other wool fibre.

Brass Hardware

Our hardware is made of raw, solid brass. At first you will notice its natural golden radiance, and as the brass interacts with the oils on your skin and your pet's fur, it will develop a beautiful protective patina. As if whispering stories of your shared adventures and treasured memories.

Unlike those flimsy plated options out there, our hardware is solid brass. No rusting, no peeling! And if you fancy that shiny gold look, worry not. With a little tender loving care, you can easily restore its polished glory. Swing by our FAQ/Help page for some handy tips and tricks.