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Happy Earth Club

How to reuse, recycle, and
compost your OHMINME threads

Has your old OHMINME collar, harness or lead seen better days and need to be replaced?

Introducing the HAPPY EARTH CLUB, our reuse & recycle initiative that allows you to return your used hardware and enjoy savings on your next purchase - created with your refurbished hardware!

How does it work?

Send us an email to and let us know which item/s you would like to recycle, and how (option 1 or 2).

Post the item/s back to us by either:

Once we receive your item/s, we will send you a gift voucher via email for every collar, harness and/or lead hardware set sent back for reuse.

How much will you save?

  • Collar - A$13
  • Harness - A$15
  • Lead - A$14

If you send back one harness plus one lead hardware set, that’s A$29 off your next harness and lead purchase!

Can't join our reuse & recycle program? No worries! Here's a guide on how to compost your old OHMINME threads and save them from going to landfill.

The good news is that the majority of our products are home compostable without much effort. All you need is a compost bin, or access to healthy garden soil that can be left undisturbed for a long time, and a pair of sharp scissors.

New to composting? Take a look at this beginner's guide and discover how to create your own black gold.

How to compost your
OHMINME threads

How long will it take for the material to biodegrade (to break down naturally in a way that is not harmful)? This depends on the type of material, and the conditions of your compost. As a general guide:

  • Hemp and linen - 2 weeks
  • Organic cotton - 5 months
  • Organic merino wool - 6 to 9 months
  • Cork leather fabric - 1 to 3 years (depends on the backing fabric - we exclusively use organic cotton which is the best option available)

By comparison, synthetic petrochemical-based materials like polyester, nylon, acrylic, PVC, and PU leathers (often marketed as vegan leather, because plastic doesn't sound as nice!) may take anywhere from 20 to 500+ years to break down, leaving behind harmful microplastics.

Thank you for being a responsible pet parent and doing your part to protect our planet! 💚

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